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Cheating married woman loses her maintenance case.

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The cheating married woman who recently grabbed headlines after being caught red-handed by her husband with a ‘boyfriend’ at a city lodge has lost her maintenance case.

Portia Jowa, who resides at No. 48 Central Avenue ZIB Heights Flat 1, was claiming $420 from Herbert Nyandoro for the upkeep of their three minor children.

The matter was heard at the Harare civil court before magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva.

“I was married to this man and we have three children together so I want $420 as monthly maintenance fee from him,” said Portia.

In her affidavit, Portia had indicated that for the past year, Herbert had not been assisting her in looking after the kids.

“Since last year, he has not done anything for the children and I have been suffering to maintain them,” she wrote.

Responding to the claims, Herbert said he was not in a position to pay that amount.

“I am kindly asking for the money to be reduced it is too much for me,” said Herbert.

He also told the court that he was the one looking after the children.

“In any case I don’t even know why she wants the maintenance because I am the one who has custody of the kids,” he added.

However Portia said that she was planning to have the children.

“He is the one with the children but very soon I will be staying with them,” she said.

The presiding magistrate dismissed the application and ordered Portia to first apply for custody of the children and then maintenance.

The cheating married woman last year caused a stir at Aqua Lodge after she was caught red-handed by her husband with an “arranged” sex mate only identified as Emmanuel.

The lodge is situated near the Exhibition Park where the cheating lovebirds were about to hold their own exhibition.

The sex mate who was organised forwarded some of the texts to Herbert updating him.

One of the messages read, “Ndoda kuva newe wombonzwawo zvandiri. Bonus yangu ndoida chicken inn ye 3 dollars hayo (I want you to have a feel of me. I want my bonus of a US$3 Chicken Inn meal only).”

In response, Portia wrote, “Wake wake ndatotota ndodiko panemacustoma.”

Little did Portia know that the messages were being forwarded to her husband as she continued being more and more raunchy.

“Daddy I love you very serious m***o yako irikuita seirimo shaa ndirikutonakirwa newe ini ndiri ndoga switie,” read one of the messages.

Another read; “…Ndekapi ndekapi..magaro anopera neku driver usingazorore. Ndimi munozotinetsa muchingoti mukaisa *** mobva ****** ini ndisati ndambokunzwa. Wako P.”
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