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Assailants attempt to poison man who was forced to suck menstrual blood

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The fate of the man who was made to suck menstrual blood took a cruel turn last week when unknown assailants attempted to poison him.

After we published the story last week, Vusa Nkundlambe was allegedly attacked by a group of men ostensibly hired by his small house.

The woman who for months subjected him to a rather awkward fetish for ritual purposes he claimed. The gang pounced on Vusa when he was on his way to the toilet in the middle of the night. They told him that he deserved to die as he was not able to keep secrets. The men are reported to have tied up his hands and feet with wires. They then forced him to drink some poison before putting him in a sack.

"It was in the middle of the night when I felt some pains in the stomach and I had to go to the toilet. On my way back, someone just hit me from behind. I noticed two men in the company of my ex-girlfriend and they started accusing me of being a Mr B-Metro," said Nkundlambe.

He said they started accusing him of telling people and B-Metro their secret of sucking menstrual blood.

"I failed to fight the men because they proved stronger than me. They tied me with wires and forced me to drink poison. I was saved by our landlord who found me when she was on her way to the toilet. Surprised by what she was seeing, our landlord alerted my wife and they took me out of the sack. They failed to untie me so my wife rushed to report the matter to the police while the landlord asked a neighbour to come and untie me," he revealed.

Nkundlambe was rushed to Mpilo hospital where he was admitted for three days. Last week we carried a story whereby Nkundlambe alleged that Moyo forced him to suck her private parts when she was on her monthly periods for six months. Moyo denied the allegations saying the man was still bitter about being jilted. However, Nkundlambe says Moyo hired the men to kill him because they accused him of failing to keep secrets.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Bekimpilo Ndlovu confirmed the incident.

"We are investigating a case whereby a Njube man was attacked by two men at his residence on the 7th of December. He alleges that they punched him several times on the head before pouring a whitish powder in his mouth."

He said that no arrests have been made and preliminary investigations are still underway. He also urged members of the public to exercise extreme caution when getting out of their houses during the night.

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