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Musician Tongai Moyo's son Peter Moyo in Facebook girl fight with girlfriend Mercy Gumbo

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image Peter Moyo and Mercy Gumbo

The boy is mine.Hardly a week after the burial of Tongai Moyo, his son Peter was embroiled in a Facebook girl-fight, with his girlfriend Mercy Gumbo telling other prospective suitors to back off.

On Thursday, just a day after burying his father on Tuesday, a Facebook war erupted, with Mercy Gumbo, daughter to the famous Mai Gumbo (Raffingora-based promoter), profusely advising all girls to lay their hands off her man. She claimed that her relationship with Peter was well documented and even Tongai Moyo knew (and approved) of it.

Overnight she had even changed her profile picture to one that she was posing with Peter.

With such a huge task ahead of him, and given how complex his family unit is set up, it would be ill-advised for Peter to follow his father’s footsteps when it comes to personal life and he should not litter his life with concubines.

But usually the apple does not fall far away from the tree, does it? He is still too young to be embroiled in both a celebrity lifestyle, chasing girls (rather have girls chase him) and then lead a unit as fractured as Utakataka Express. He needs to put his energy towards one goal, which is forging ahead with the work of Utakataka Express.

For his band to maintain its cohesion and relation-ship with its fan base, there are critical members of the group that need not to be taken for granted. Peter is key, because he carries with him all the emotions, because the fans who will flock to watch Utakataka on stage will do so more out of sympathy. If Tongai Moyo did not leave behind a son, as in Cephas Mashakada’s case, the chances of the band surviving would be slim.

Then because Peter is weak on vocals, the next important person in that band is Shiga Shiga. Even in the last days when Tongai Moyo was finding the going tough on stage, Shiga Shiga would take over from his boss and take control of the crowd. No one else in the band has that power. It is a fact that a team and/or band is made up of equal members, but then there are more important players than others.

Next in line is Spencer Khumulani, the bassist. Some might argue that he is easily dispensable. But he has the X-factor, the band badly needs him. Fine, Utakataka might get Ronnie Mudhindo back to fill Spencer’s role, but Ronnie had differences with Tongai Moyo long back. And he is even leading his own Orchestra Vazvamburi, so he must stay where he is.

As much as the other guys, like Suzuki (Alois Rochezani), Officer (Great Njanji), Willard Loti (lead guitarist) and Yamatele (Tendai Chabatarongo) are key cogs, they are only complementary.

As for songs, Peter does not need to record any new songs, he should go with the songs that made his father popular, the same way Sulu is putting bread and butter on his family’s table with Simon’s songs. For the next two to three years, he can go without releasing an album and, as fans get used to him, then he can start working in the studio.

There have been others who have been quick to suggest that First Farai could take over Utakataka, but that would be adding more confusion to the set-up. Fine, First Farai is a self-confessed disciple of Tongai Moyo and claims to know every Dhewa song by heart, but First Farai has his own band to look after. If anything, what they can work on is having joint shows, with Farai helping with the vocals here and there when Peter needs him. It will be a win-win situation.

For Peter, the road ahead is arduous, tortuous and full of pitfalls and not every promoter who will approach him will have a clean and clear conscience of helping the young man, there are bound to be some who will be out to make a quick buck. That is where seasoned campaigners like Shiga Shiga come in handy, and not Knowledge Chosa, Pliers Puraeni or Peter Phiri. As Simon Chimbetu once sang, shinga mwana wedangwe, Peter needs to spend a lot of time with Suluman Chimbetu for the dendera exponent has travelled the road and knows the dangers and the opportunities.


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