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Cephas Mashakada's daughters snub memorial service after bid to inherit property fails

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The memorial service for the late Cephas Mashakada was held over the weekend in Chitungwiza although it was snubbed by the musician’s adult daughters, Miriam and Memory.

But his widow Eunice, other relatives and his mother Fredresi all attended. In the absence of his children, other relatives took charge of the proceedings.

Reportedly there was disagreement over disposal of the musician’s property, but the Marriages Act under which they were married is clear even though there was no will.

In such cases, up to a certain level, the surviving spouse inherits everything. After that level the estate is divided equally between the surviving spouse and the children. It is unlikely that the value of the estate exceeded the limit.

Post-independence legal changes mean that regardless of even what a will says, the surviving spouse is entitled to live in the matrimonial home.

The family decided that the house, car and music instruments be given to Eunice while clothes were shared among relatives.

According to one family relative in Chinhoyi, who answered the mobile phone on behalf of Mashakada’s mother, Fredresi, everything else from the house, car and instruments were left in Eunice’s custody as she was legally married to the Sounds of the Muddy Face leader.

Another relative only identified as Tete Mai Nati said: “The memorial service went well at the gathering. Everything else was given to Mai Mashakada,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Mashakada’s daughter Memory fumed.

“I don’t have anything to say to you reporters. Write whatever you feel like writing,” she said.

Efforts to seek comment from her sister Miriam proved fruitless as her mobile was not reachable.

According to Eunice, the two daughters want her to be evicted from the house.

“The documents for this house are even in my name,” she said.

Some of the documents that she produced showed that Mashakada bought the house from Nomore Muchabaiwa Chitongo on May 15 1990.

Mashakada passed away a couple of months ago after succumbing to diabetic complications and kidney failure.

A few days after his death, Miriam and Memory allegedly ordered Eunice to vacate the family house.

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