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Son of the legendary Safirio Madzikatire (Mukadota) Elijah Madzikatire is still a poor man

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Elijah Madzikatire, son of the legendary Safirio Madzikatire says despite years in the spotlight he is still a poor man

“You cannot take acting as a job or profession at the moment. There are few jobs and the remuneration is very low such that I’m still where I was when I started,” said Madzikatire.

“There is a lot of production at home but this situation in the industry is short changing us because of the lack of  professionalism, equipment and most producers do not honour contractual obligations.

“That is why most of our local films do not come up properly because the producer will hire actors who are not experienced and produce substandard material which does not sell because they cannot afford to give us better packages.”

He also added that besides all the negatives he foresees a bright future in the film sector.

“I see the future of this industry is going to be recognised worldwide because the generation that is joining the industry has got talent and my wish is to see some of our local movies being premiered at Hollywood standards ” he said.

Madzikatire said he still misses his father whom he got the inspiration from, a man who made a huge contribution in the film industry.

“I must admit my father was a good actor and I drew my inspiration from him and I miss him so much such that a day hardly passes by without mentioning his name.

“I look back whenever I’m about to feature in a film. I see him looking at me and smiling then I know that I’m doing what my father really liked and I get more strength to carry over from where he left,”.

Elijah has featured in a number of international and local productions amongst them Studio 263, Everyone’s Child, and the new series that is screened on ZTV every Friday entitled The Team.

On the international scene he featured in series like Evil, Soldier Soldier and Out of Africa.

Madzikatire has been all over the TV and radio commercials but still the industry has failed to get him to live a luxurious life that is led by other people who have not made the contributions he has made in the sect.

“Sometimes I think of going back to music because I think music is better paying than the film industry and I guess maybe I should stick to music where I started.

“My father was also a musician and I have been in the music business since the 1990s and I won a number of gold discs when my songs sold 50 thousand copies,” he said.

The songs that made hit were his first singles like Ishe, Pasi hapagute, Madzimai, Vana Tinogumbura and Gukurahundi.

Like the old Shona saying goes “Pakatsika remberi ndipo panotsika reshure”(Like father like son) Elijah is trying his best to be like his father the famous Mukadota but the industry is turning him down.

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