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Musician behind President Mugabe’s radio jingles,Sheila Mabasa escaped death by a whisker in road accident

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image Sheilla Mabasa

Musician behind President Mugabe’s radio jingles, Sheila Mabasa popularly known as Cde Yondo escaped death by a whisker and has been hospitalized following serious injuries she attained in a road accident which occurred in Norton last Sunday night.

Cde Yondo confirmed amid great pain that she was involved in a serious road accident after her vehicle veered off the road while travelling from a business trip in Murombedzi and she said she could not explain how the accident happened but she found herself in Harare Hospital.

“Handigone kutsanangura kuti chii chakaitika, mota yakabuda moroad ndikazongozviona ndave kuHarare hospital,” Cde Yondo said.

She sustained serious chest, leg and head injuries.

Cde Yondo said the accident is a set back to her music career as she was working towards promoting her new album ‘Masalala’.

Some of the songs that won Cde Yondo popularity include Mabearer’s Cheque, Tinaye wedu anogona, VaMugabe ndibaba, Macharangwanda among others.

Cde Yondo is also the Zanu PF National Consultative Assembly member for Zvimba South Constituency.

Meanwhile, a group of Zanu (PF) women hurled insults at late night shoppers at a local supermarket on Friday evening calling them Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’ s puppets.

The visibly drunk women, numbering up to about 20, were clad in Zanu (PF) regalia. They were accompanied by a few of their male counterparts who urged them on as they hurled insults at the shoppers.

A light skinned woman who was part of a crowd that recently invaded parliament and assaulted parliamentarians and journalists led the group. The woman appeared to have been leading the group.

She demanded to see the Spar Anthientis Manager before asking him to take her to the toilet. The manager told her that there was no toilet at the supermarket for shoppers but she immediately hurled insults at the terrified manager telling him that she was the one who liberated the country and can urinate anywhere she want even in his mouth.

It is at this point that the manager obliged and took her to a backroom toilet.

In the meantime her colleagues were busy demanding food while others were grabbing beers and drinking them while in the supermarket.

A lot of terrified late night shoppers hurried out of the supermarket fearing an attack from the bloodshot eyed women all of whom were reeking of alcohol.

The women sang songs deriding Tsvangirai and Minister of Finance Tendai Biti saying they will never rule Zimbabwe.

“Tsvangirai imboko isingafi yakatonga Zimbabwe,” (Tsvangirai will never rule this country) they sung while raising their fits.

The women also sang a song deriding Biti. They sung: “Biti uchachera ngoda muderere.” (You will mine diamonds out of nothing).

One of the women picked up a fight with the supermarket workers demanding a bottle of the illicit Kenge spirit while another one wanted her 5 cents change instead of the voucher usually given to shoppers if there is no change.

Security guards who tried to intervene were told to stay off or else they would ransack the whole supermarket.

Some of the shoppers reported the matter at a police post located within the supermarket premises but the police could not do anything. They watched helpless with the women telling them to go and arrest prostitutes in the avenues area before they could even intervene.

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