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House at the Anglican church in Rugare turned into a love nest for prostitutes quickies

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A house at the Anglican Church in Rugare is said to have been turned into a love nest. This comes amid speculation that the caretakers at the church site are offering lodging services to local prostitutes so that they can have ‘quickies’ in the Holy house.

Impeccable sources who stay near the church informed this paper that ladies of the night would use the church house as a love nest of having sexual contracts with their clients. “The house at Anglican Church is being used as a love nest and the caretakers (sic) are charging a fee for the service,” said an H-Metro source.

“We are certain that this is happening because well known prostitutes in our area are coming to the church with different men from the bar and has been happening for some time now. Several prominent people are also coming with these prostitutes to the church house” said the sources.

Residents also said that the Father of the church Father Mutasa was collecting money for rentals from the church house but wondered whether he knew what happened in the still of the night at the behest of some of his tenants.

“The other thing is that they have put their tenants at the church house and they are collecting the money using it for their own purposes,” they said. H-Metro saw two men identified as Ronnie and Simba who are the alleged caretakers that reside at the place; the two gentlemen denied the allegations saying that there were rumours spread by some malicious members of a rival Anglican faction.

“We are the brothers of Father Mutasa who is the residing priest at this church.” “What you have heard is not true; we belong to Kunonga faction. Such information is being spread by members of Gandiya’s faction who just want to tarnish the image of the church,” said Ronnie in their defence.

“It is ALL church politics and the hatred is intensifying because yesterday youths from that faction came and hit against the wall of the church,” said Ronnie. But where there is smoke there must at least be an ember that burns! They said they did have a shady character that used to live with them, a carefree female cousin but they said she was not really of love virtues but was just a ‘happy soul’.

“We have our cousin called Sperire (Sphelile) whom we used to stay with.” “People thought she was a prostitute because she would always go to the bar and she was not married at the that time, but as far as we know she was not a prostitute, and if she was one she was doing it somewhere else not here,” said Simba.

The two men also dismissed the claims that the Priest was collecting money for rentals from the church house. “We are not collecting any rent; the family that is staying here is staying for free and they are not paying anything,” they said. However as the conversation was taking place one gentleman from the neighbourhood came and intruded the chat wanting to buy MBANJE from Ronnie and Simba.

“Ndiri kuda mbanje shamwari ende nhasi ndine chikara rough,” the crass chap said! (Can I please have mbanje today I have a serious craving for it) Meanwhile Father Mutasa could not be reached to give comment to the matter, although Ronnie and Simba said their testimony would most likely tie in with the story they had given in defence against the allegations.

Archbishop Munyanyi said it was news to him. “I haven’t heard of such information,” he said while quickly pointing fingers at the other Anglican faction as smear campaign. “I’m sure people from the other Anglican faction are spreading this information to tarnish our image,” Munyanyi said. Word still doing rounds however, was that the premises were being used for less than ‘holy’ purposes and the request for ‘unholy smoke’ by the inane customer pointed towards the place being a lot less than ‘clean’.

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