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White ZANUPF drunkard terrorising MDC-T in Chimanimani

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The MDC-T has lodged a police report over an incident on Tuesday involving Joshua Sacco, a white ZANU PF official who defaced the party’s logos and slogans at its offices at the village in Chimanimani in Manicaland.

Sacco, once described by Robert Mugabe as being the last white man standing in ZANU PF, led a group that sprayed the office block with white paint.

The MDC-T spokesman for the province Pishai Muchauraya, said the incident was witnessed by dozens of locals but by Wednesday afternoon police had still not arrested anyone.

‘The group led by Sacco was so drunk they left beer bottles all over the place. We don’t know the motive behind the defacement but what is clear is that Sacco is fighting a bitter turf war with the local ZANU PF MP, Samuel Undenge.

‘This is a war between the two of them and it has sucked up the whole constituency. This Sacco guy is now proving to be a handful. He’s now terrorizing villagers using the militia and war vets to campaign for him in Chimanimani East,’ Muchauraya said.

In 2009 Sacco became the first white to hold a position in the ZANU PF youth league when he was elected deputy secretary for production. Two months ago he was part of a ZANU PF propaganda team led by Jonathan Moyo that was in Sandton, South Africa for the SADC summit.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about a ZANU PF torture camp and base that has over 200 fully fledged militias with another 75 recruits currently undergoing military training.

The base is at Sherenje secondary school in Headlands, a ZANU PF constituency under Didymus Mutasa, the Presidential Affairs Minister. The militias have taken over a classroom block and the school grounds for the physical training.

‘This school has become a no-go area for non-ZANU PF people. Anyone passing through is subjected to a physical body search, in case they have cameras.

‘Several villagers deemed anti-ZANU PF have been taken to the base and they have told us of their horrific experiences, such as being forced to fill up a 200 litre drum with water, using a small bucket.

‘Some have been forced to do as much as over 100 press ups, while others are forced to polish shoes and sing ZANU PF songs. Parents are also barred from visiting the school but they are forced to send their children for training there,’ Muchauraya said.

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