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ZANU PF thugs attack MDC-T activist ,burn him with hot oil (MDC-N claim it's their member)

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image Yaya Kassim

When President Robert Mugabe yesterday in Redcliff urged Zimbabweans to desist from a culture of violence, his party supporters in Mbare national were busy in a gory act of violence, we exclusively reveal.

Mugabe was speaking at the official launch of the New Zimbabwe Steel (Pvt) Limited formally Ziscosteel.

The launch was attended by Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube, Arthur Mutambara, cabinet ministers, service chefs and members of the business community. 

The Zanu PF thugs took hot cooking oil, hunted for MDC activist – Yaya Kassim (31) of Ward 11 , found him scalded him with the oil and went on to assault him with sticks, stones, broken bottles and pieces of metal scrap.

His crime was that he was caught organizing MDC‘s restructuring exercise meetings in their area.

Kassim is a member of the Professor Welshman Ncube led MDC.

Eye witnesses who spoke to this reporter said trouble started when Kassim and other MDC activists descended in the ward visiting party members.

Zanu PF zealots got wind of the operation that was going on and tailed the MDC functionaries.

When they caught up with them along 4th avenue, they started insulting and throwing stones at them.

“Other MDC people managed to run away but Kassim was still talking to some old lady.
When they arrived at him, Mukoma Joe – who was carrying a jug, splashed cooking oil at his face and he screamed, falling down and rolling.

“That is when they started beating him up,” said an eye witnesses who requested anonymity for fear of victimization.

The eye witness added that the mob of angry Zanu PF thugs had to let go Kassim after the old lady that he was talking to, got into the fracas and advised the youths to “kill her” and leave Kassim “alone” as he “has done nothing wrong.”

The youths are said to have dispersed chanting “toita zvaJune” – referring to the mayhem they (Zanu PF) are accused to causing during the June 27 2008 election run off which claimed more than 80 lives.

Kassim, who sustained serious head injuries reportedly lost consciousness temporarily and when he woke up bolted in speed – an indication that he developed a mental illness, eye witnesses said.

The popular MDC activist is recovering at Parirenyatwa hospital where he told ZimScribes that he was feeling better.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo could not be reached for comment whereas MDC Youth Secretary General Discent Collins Bajila castigated Zanu PF youths for the violence and blasted MDC T for attempting to claim Kassim as their member for publicity purposes.

“We are saddened that when Robert Mugabe (Zanu PF’s First Secretary and President) was busy talking peace, love and co-existence his overzealous subordinates where doing the exact opposite.

“We want to believe that what happened is not an indication of Robert Mugabe’s continued deceit and double standards and want to warn would be inspired Zanu PF youths that the MDC youth assembly will not sit and cry when its members are assaulted.

“We will do what has never been done before. Violence begets violence,” said the abrasive youth leader.

He added “MDC T must be ashamed of attempting to snatch our injured party cadre, and use him for their publicity stunts. Their habit of counting dead bodies for political reasons is now stinking to the heavens above and even the Devil has no hand in it all.

“ One would be tempted to think that Mugabe and Tsvangirai (MDC T President) acted in connivance in a bid to lure investors by pretending that they are committed to promoting peace when their functionaries are merchants of violence and lies, lies and more lies,” he said.

Bajila’s remarks come after revelations that MDC T activists visited Kassim’s home and sought to know in which hospital and ward he was in.They claimed that he was their member contrary to the truth that he long defeated from their MDC formation.



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