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Prostituting college student Omega Maringe charges US$10 for short time sex

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image Omega Maringe

Many men are known to love kinky, hot, lurid and raunchy sexual fantasies in which they engage in sexual orgies with women in uniform. Pornographic videos are littered with fetishes being enacted and the most favoured girls are those in nurses or SCHOOL uniform complete with a whip in hand.

Now a local college student has decided to satisfy men with the schoolgirl fetish fantasy. She is accused of indulging in acts of prostitution presumably in order to earn a living. The student, who is identified as Omega Maringe on her Facebook profile, resides in flat 39 at No. 50 Central Avenue and is being accused hiring different men for sex.

Impeccable sources have revealed to H-Metro that Omega has been getting money for rentals as well as school fees from the different men she sleeps with.

“Omega has been involved in prostitution for some time now, she charges US$10 for short time sex and when you want to have her services overnight she demands US$50,” revealed our impeccable source.

Sex contract
H-Metro visited Omega’s place of residence and interrupted one of her client who had come for a short time sex contract with her.

“I have arrived just now, I got this young lady’s number from a friend, I have never met her before. I told her my request before you came and we had agreed to have sex just for some few hours,” confessed the gentleman.

However, the gentleman fled from the flat when he realised that H-Metro had come.

Refusing to pay
When this reporter entered Omega’s one room apartment, she raised her voice and her friends whom she resides with asked her if she was having any problems. “Uri right here? Kasi arikuramba kubhadhara here? (Are you ok, is he refusing to pay you) enquired some of her friends.

“I am ok, I can handle the situation,” Omega told her worried friends. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Omega denied being involved in prostitution. “My name is Blessing Nyirenda, I am an upper six student at First Link College in town not Trust Academy as you have been told. I am not involved in such activities.

“Whoever told you that is a just a hater, I strongly suspect a guy who resides here called Hillary or it could be some of my fellow classmates. “I don’t click with them because they are not as mature as I am because most of them were born in 1994 and some in 1995 while I was born in 1988.

“And in any case if I have one or two boyfriends is it anyone’s problem?” added Omega. When asked  were she was getting money to rent a flat for herself she said from her parents. “My parents are staying in the rural areas. “They are cotton farmers.

“They are the ones who pay school fees as well as rentals and groceries for me,” she said. However, Omega also revealed that several men were pestering her for sex. She wears the consistent pursuits for sex by older chaps as a badge of honour. “I have different men who have been calling and sending messages on my cell phone interested in having sex with me.

“Before you came, four men came here asking to have sex with me,” she bragged. However, what Omega, who hails from the quiet town of Bindura, did not know was that one of the people who had enquired about her services and her “cost sheet” was in fact an H-Metro insider and a mole.

Tigh vendor
She warmly received him, asked him to come into the room and make himself comfortable on the bed before revealing what he had to part with in terms of money to “sample her wares”.

She did not know that the chap had not come to service his joystick as it were, but merely to confirm that she indeed was a thigh vendor who was in the habit of selling her scarlet purse!

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