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MDC-T COPAC committee member caught pants down with lady of the night

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image Tawanda Maguwudze

A top notch Harare based lawyer, was caught pants down by his wife with a lady of the night at Holiday Inn in Harare today, ZimScribes can reveal.

The lawyer Tawanda Maguwudze is a rappoteur in the Constitution making process (Copac) and is in the thematic commie dealing with systems of governance, representing the Movement for Democratic Change led by Prime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.

Eye witnesses who spoke to Zimscribes said the vocal lawyer came to the Holiday Inn in tour with a known lady of the night who usually patronizes The Sports Dinner night club that is opposite the hotel.

They ordered some drinks via room service and had a nice time.

However, little did the lawyer know that another of his whores was watching him and had gotten pissed off by the lawyer’s unsmart cheating.

The irate prostitute connived with her friends and they agreed to fix the reckless sex addict lawyer by calling his wife.

They phoned his wife and she took a taxi and came to the hotel.

“She phoned him and he lied that he was in a meeting and will call back latter", said an eye witness, who added that the lawyer’s wife told her that she was going to divorcé the “dog” if what she heard was true.
The wife breathing fire was heard breathing fire to the husband, swearing “I paid your fees through Great Zimbabwe University and this is the way you pay me back, I will tell Mwonzora”

Douglas Mwonzora is the Copac Co-Chairperson from the MDC-T faction and the spokesperson of that party.

The angry and weeping wife came to the hotel clad in a brown flowery dress and went straight to the lawyer’s love nest room 104.

Upon arrival the angry wife made several knocks with no reply and started shouting obscenities at the top of her voice, alerting guests at the hotel.

The lawyer finally opened the door and surprisingly started hulling insults at his wife who continued asking him why he was a “negligent husband with no feelings.”

Security personnel at the hotel had to come to quell the noise but Maguwudze’ wife was un-manageable and wanted to give the lawyer’s whore a through beating.

The lawyer then used his skills to negotiate with the hotel security to leave him to “sort out this mess” and remained with his wife and whore.

After an hour of loud trading of foul language between the lawyer, his wife and his whore, the wife was seen walking away to the taxies swearing.

Members of Copac have been accused of spending most of their time loitering in hotel corridors, carelessly spending their hefty allowances on sex and alcohol.

The lawyer refused to talk to our correspondent.

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