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Bogus prophet trick to rape woman hit snag

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image Tafadzwa Munyanyi

A self styled prophet from Mabvuku was yesterday severely beaten by an angry mob before he was arrested in Mbare. The suspected bogus prophet who identified himself as Farai Tapfumaneyi or Madzibaba Godknows from Johanne Masowe WeChishanu was bashed after his tricks aimed at luring a bona fide Salvation Army church woman into having sex with him hit a snag.

Madzibaba Godknows was said to have attempted to lure Tafadzwa Munyanyi, 31, of House No. 54 Rusike Crescent, Mbare into having sex with him after posing as a prophet who wanted to cleanse her and her family. “He approached me saying that he wanted some water,” said Tafadzwa.

But Madzibaba decided to quench a different thirst and hatched a plan! “His intentions appeared to have changed as he set his eyes closer to me. “This Madzibaba said that the Holy Spirit told him that I was cursed and he wanted to pray for me and the family when he got closer to me.

“We then went into the house for the prayers where he asked for cooking oil and a cooking stick which he said he wanted to use during the cleansing ceremony,” said Tafadzwa. The mother of two said Madzibaba Godknows told her that her first born son was possessed and that was causing him to be rude and stubborn.

Tafadzwa said that Madzibaba also told her that she was suffering from abdomen pains and irregular menstrual periods. “He then started sprinkling the cooking oil around the house before he started smearing the oil on my children. “Madzibaba then came to me and started smearing the oil on me fondling my breast during the process. This man asked me to change into a more revealing dress and loose pants saying that it would make his task easy.

“That is when I locked the door from inside after suspecting his cleansing procedures,” she said. Tafadzwa said that she was forced to abandon the “prayer session” after Madzibaba asked her to bend “the same way as she does when having sex with her husband from behind” so that he could wipe away the demons from her.

“I became so suspicious to the extent that I sent my son to call my friend so that she could help me question his prayers. “He has also failed to explain the nature of my disease that needed me to take that posture. “Plus he had also failed to explain why I was supposed to put on more revealing clothes and a small pant,” she said. Tafadzwa, whose husband is in South Africa, said her friend arrived while she was quizzing him behind the locked doors. I locked the door and alerted other neighbours who then joined in to beat him up.

"He sustained injuries all over the body," she said. Tafadzwa, who hails from Domboshava, said they later took him to the police where he was locked up. When H-Metro tracked him to Stodart police station in Mbare, Madzibaba was already in the holding cells. He was likely to be charged with indecent assault.

Madzibaba Godknows is said to have tried to apologise to Tafadzwa after his shameful act. He was said to have pleaded with Tafadzwa not to report the matter to the police. “He wanted to pay R100 so that we do not report the matter to the police but I refused saying that he should face the consequences. “Plus he confessed that he had been beaten before after his tricks failed him,” she said.

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