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ACTION:Protest march at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria on the 18th of April 2011

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image Shepherd Zvavanhu

Inspired by the uprisings in North Africa, especially Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, the En-route 2 Change (E2C) campaign (an action wing of the H4H) will hold a protest march at the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria on the 18th of April 2011.

As Zimbabweans we are driven by the quest to restore freedom and human dignity and return peace in the land of our birth. The Zimbabwean government led by Mugabe is no different from that of Mubarack of Egypt, and is worse than even Gadhafi of Libya.


• We have long been the destitute of the world, while the dictator operates at will in our motherland
• Zanu Pf and Mugabe lost their public mandate and are turning the country into hell.

• The Zimbabwean Ambassador in Pretoria was unilaterally appointed by the Mugabe clique and is hence illegitimate.

• For over thirty years, Zimbabwe has been under single party rule, with no respect of the rule of law, total disregard to human sovereignty, state sponsored violence and human rights abuses while perpetrators walk freely without justice.

• Zanu Pf has stolen all our rights; rights to life, rights to dignity, freedom of expression, gathering, assembling, press freedom and while we are subject to arrest, torture, abduction, eviction, assassination, rape and state brutality.

• The imposition of oppression, corruption, poverty, unemployment, poor health, displacements, poor education and inequality are the accomplishments of the Mugabe regime. Mugabe is the author of the blood-sucking laws that downgrade our human rights while his party survives with impunity, so it is high time that we stand and reclaim our rights and reshape our future.

• The betrayal and the role played by the middle men like Thabo Mbeki must be acknowledged, for the South African government and SADC never acknowledged crisis in Zimbabwe at time we were desperate to save the lives of our families and children, as xenophobia took course. The next middle man, Jacob Zuma, apparently finds no reason to condemn Mugabe but instead advocates lifting the personal-sanctions strategy, in the midst of ongoing rampage by Mugabe’s regime. And SADC, actively engaged in Zimbabwe for over a decade, was never sincere or resolute at a time Zimbabwe has bled nearly to death.

• Episodes that Zimbabweans will never forget since Independence thirty years ago include Gukurahundi’s 20,000 deaths in Matabeleland, the banning of opposition parties, farm invasions by opportunistic Mugabe cronies, the Murambatsvina urban attack, cholera, Wavhotera papi, red fingers and economic looting, and these mean Mugabe is required at criminal courts.


We need the SA authorities to stop assisting Mugabe
We need support from South African communities, labour, women, youth, churches, businesses and NGOs in our fight to end tyranny in Zimbabwe

We need the support of all Zimbabweans, including our NGOs based in SA such as ZEF, ZGF, MDC, ZASG, ZIPOVA.


• An end to all violence
• And end to abuse of power

• We want freedom and democracy to flourish.

• We want to pursue and live our dreams in a new Zimbabwe characterized by peace, hope, dignity, prosperity and freedom.

• The Zimbabwean Ambassador in SA should leave his duties in the interests of Zimbabweans.

• Mugabe and his Zanu PF party must step down immediately from office.

• We demand a people-driven constitution whose negotiation should not be interfered with by Mugabe’s intimidation.

• Ultimately we demand Free and Fair Elections in Zimbabwe, and we need the sincere involvement of international monitors, including the so-far discredited group from SA and SADC, who should confess and come to grips with their prior role in legitimizing the dictatorship
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