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Good times for Barbours and Greatermans

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Good times are rolling for retail shops Greatermans and Barbours as the use of multiple currencies starts to yield real benefits.

A survey of the two shops, located along Jason Moyo in Harare paints a refreshing picture as the shops are now fully stocked with customers streaming in and out.

This was not the case only five months ago when the debilitating effects of inflation made it virtually impossible to stock.

Greatermans and Barbours are both doing well in that they have exclusive wares under their roofs.

At Barbours, the shop attendants said they had been very busy in the run up to reopening of schools two weeks ago.

“As is the tradition, there were a lot of people in the stores as they wanted to make some last minute shopping for their children and i would say this was the busiest period for us in quite a long time. I would say we have not been as busy as we were two weeks ago since the prices were slashed in 2007, that is also the last time when we were fully stocked,” said one of the shop attendants.

Some of the products included clothing, shoes, electrical, travel ware, kitchenware, furniture and stationery. Across the road at the intersection of Jason Moyo and Sam Nujoma, the story was the same at Greatermans. The exclusive goods on offer include beds, stationery, electrical, furniture, shoes, clothes and an assortment of goods.

“As you can see, we are fully stocked and we have been quite busy this month as a result of reopening of schools and also the fact that things have greatly stabilised in the country. Things may not be at the levels of lets say 10 years ago but we are many steps away from the problems we had since 2005,” said an official from the department store.

It has emerged that despite the competition from smaller players, the bigger shops have continued to dominate the market.

“We have seen a lot of new shops sprouting around town but these have been not a threat to our market mainly because we are exclusive shops. When you enter into lets say two of the new shops, it would not be surprising that you may not notice the difference as the clothes or shoes just look the same,” added the official.

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